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US online shopping stores

Just because we can't buy something in Poland doesn't mean we can't buy it elsewhere. Shopping in American online stores is becoming more and more popular, especially since you can do it without leaving your home and at any time. The global network gives us the opportunity to buy anything from the USA - it can be electronic equipment, jewelry, tools, construction machinery and many other products. Why should you shop online in the USA? First of all, due to lower prices than in Poland, favorable USD exchange rate, great deals on sales, as well as high quality products.Of course, it should be remembered that not all online stores operating in the USA provide the possibility of shipping the purchased goods to our country. Then Carrierwise, a company dealing with the transport of goods from the USA to Poland, using the Tax Exempt option, will come to the rescue. We can organize the transport of any products for you, regardless of whether they are purchased in a stationary store or at an online auction. online auctions

Internet auctions

Worried that your US purchases won't arrive on time? More and more American auctions and online stores offer fast delivery of goods purchased in the US, also to Poland!

Parts for cars and Car-Part monitors

Spare parts and accessories

In the offer of American stores you will find, among others: parts for cars and other vehicles at an attractive price. Check the prices and enjoy the savings by paying less than in Poland!

Bass Pro Shops rods and hunting equipment

Hunting and hunting equipment

Shopping in the USA is a great opportunity to buy hunting equipment and hunting accessories. High quality, low price, fast delivery. Check the offers of American stores and online auctions.

Tourism, travel agencies - Expedia


Travel offers offered by American websites and online auctions allow you to find many great price deals. Buy a holiday online and enjoy the savings.

Agricultural and construction machinery Machinery Trader

Construction and agricultural machinery

At auctions in the United States you will find agricultural machinery and construction tools at attractive prices! See how much you can save by importing equipment to Poland.

The North Face winter clothing

Winter season

In American stores you will find clothing, sports equipment and accessories that help you prepare even better for the winter season. Shopping in the US online is a guarantee of savings and branded products.

Sports equipment, 2Wheel Bikes


By choosing to shop in the US online, you can save a lot of money by buying original sports equipment at attractive prices. More and more of our compatriots use online shopping.

Hobbies and entertainment - Lego blocks


American online stores offer their customers fast delivery and a wide range of products. It is worth checking the offers of the most popular online stores to see how much you can gain.

Toys for small and big children - Toys R us

For children

Online stores in the USA offer a wide selection of toys and children's items not available in Poland. In the offer of online stores, at an attractive price, we can find clothes, cosmetics and industrial goods.

Furniture and interior design -

For home

You don't have to visit the United States to enjoy the rich offer of local stores. Online commerce offers many products for the home. In online stores you will find branded products at great prices.

Business computers and laptops - HP

Electronics and computers

At American auctions you will find new and used computers, smartphones and many turnouts of electronic equipment not available in Poland. Fast delivery, attractive prices, easy handling. car marketplace

Car markets

American car markets offer a wide selection of new and used cars at attractive prices. Looking for a car? Buy it in the US! You can really save a lot.

Dior perfumes and cosmetics


American cosmetics are not only new products from renowned manufacturers. It is also a lot of products and cosmetic brands that are hard to find in our country. Choose online shopping and enjoy top shelf cosmetics at a low price.

Goods from liquidated stores


Liquidations are a great opportunity to buy original American appliances, electronics, furniture and other equipment at attractive prices. Bet on shopping in the USA and see how much you can gain.

Yachts, boats and jet skis - SlingShot

Boats and Jet Skis

If you are interested in boats and water tourism, you are looking for a yacht or a boat at a good price, check out the offers of American auctions. There you will find a wide range of many online stores.'s most popular automotive store


Luxury cars, tools and car parts - you can find all this and much more in the offer of online stores in the USA and local car exchanges. Looking for a car or parts? Bring them from the States!

Men's and women's clothing - Puma

Clothing and footwear

Branded clothing and footwear at great prices? It's possible! All you have to do is choose online shopping in the USA, where richly stocked online stores are waiting for you, offering clothes from renowned manufacturers. women's handbags


You don't want to spend a fortune on a luxury handbag, but you really want one? Nothing easier! Online stores operating in the United States offer a wide range of well-known brands at prices much lower than in Poland.

Men's and women's watches - Timex

Watches and jewelry

Luxury watches at an attractive price? It's possible! Discover the offer of American online stores and enjoy the low price and fast delivery of branded watches.

Militaria and Hunting Weapons - The Sportsman's Guide


Hunting equipment, hunting accessories - high-quality military items at a great price. Where to look for them? Of course, on the market in the United States. Check the offers of online stores in the USA and order reliable accessories.

American Bicycles - BicycleDesigner


Shopping in the USA is not only about motorcycles, cars and parts, but also about bicycles! In the offer of online stores in the USA you will find modern, reliable and cheap mountain, tourist and city bikes.

Makita hand tools and power tools


Robust and efficient tools that will make every job easier can be found in online stores in the USA. Savings, convenience and fast delivery are just some of the advantages of shopping in American stores.

Books, music CDs and DVDs at Walmart

Multimedia (books, CDs and DVDs)

It has long been known that the United States is a paradise for lovers of literature, movies and music. Online stores in the United States offer a wide selection of CDs and books at a great price. Check their offer!

Guitars and other musical instruments at the Guitar Center

Musical instruments

Shopping in the USA online is a chance to buy musical instruments at a much lower price than in Poland. Check out the offer of American auctions and online stores. See how much you can gain.

Offer for youth - Skate America

For youth

Clothes, computers, cosmetics, sports equipment and many other products for teenagers are worth buying online in the USA. Do you want your child to have gadgets unavailable in our country? Order them in the United States!

Goods discounted up to 80% at Bellacor

Discounts up to 80%

American online stores offer their customers discounts of up to 80%. Check the offers of online stores, where you will find attractive sales on car parts, tools, electronics, clothing, watches and cosmetics!